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The cost of studying at Alpine College depends on the course you choose as well as your individual circumstances. The information in this section will give you a guide as to what cost there may be on your chosen course. You can also call 0844 567 0503 for further information, as well as checking the course search on this website.

Whatever the cost, if any, there is a range of financial assistance available to you dependant on your individual circumstances. You can call Student Services on 0844 567 0503.

Part-time second course discount

You are entitled to a 10% discount when starting a second or subsequent “No Fee Reduction” course. Pick up a copy of the Part-time Course Guide to claim your discount.


Payment by Instalments

For course fees below £150, your payment must be made in full when you enrol.

For course fees over £500 you can pay over three equal instalments with the first instalment being paid when you enrol and two further monthly instalments on the following 2 months.

For course fees £1000 and greater you can pay over 10 equal monthly instalments (by direct debit only) with the first instalment when you enrol and the remaining instalments over the next nine months.

For those courses with a duration of less than ten months, the maximum number of instalments will be reduced accordingly to ensure that the fee is paid in full, at least one month prior to the end of your course.

If your course fees are paid by your employer this will be via our standard 30 day invoice policy.